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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Shows in Layton,Farmington and Draper!!!

check out for directions

The Treehouse Athletic club is on 1101 East Draper Parkway Friday 5-9pm they are having everything there! Spa stuff like facials , botox, nail art, then vendors selling food , jewelry designer jeans the works! I haven't really done such a commercial type boutique, so we'll see how my vintage/ hand sewn things go.
yes this is a super crazy time for me!!! But it pushes me to make new stuff everyday!! I have so much new vintage velvets and trims in that I start one project then the mail comes with new fabric , so I get excited about that project.... yes there are half done projects on all my tables! I should post a picture... I always see these beautiful craft rooms on blogs, everything organized by color, clean and tidy, and mine has never looked that way!! It's a little chaotic but I know where everything is.


Jeni said...

Wonderful! I'll spread the word. My sister-in-law and all her friends go to the Treehouse. You'll do great there!