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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

More ruffles

I'm in a gift show this weekend in Hyrum Friday Nov.13th 5:00-8;00pm and Nov 14th 11:00-8:pm.35 North 400 West . There are some very talented artist there! It's at Leona's house who makes these amazing glass bowls and serving dishes in her kiln, the colors are amazing! so so beautiful and unique. I always end up buying one of her pieces.Her home is a restored seminary building, it's worth it just to see her home.There's going to be really unique jewelry, aprons, fiber arts, stainglass food and more!
O.k. as far as the shirts easy! Get one of your plain shirts and and cut fabric whatever width you like, knit works best because it doesn't fray. and just gather it around the collar of your shirt! Great way to embellish for layering. The cardigan I made, but you can just go get a plain one and rip some fabric and gather it around the lapels. Fun simple and a great way to revamp ( I love that word!) you're clothes.


generation peace said...

Love Love Love all your ruffles!!!!
So very Lovely!! I'll have to try it inbetween making pies ;)
Big Kiss!!!!