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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Loving ruffles and gathers

I'm loving making all these flowers and ruffles... the only problem is they look the best done with silk and velvets. So then they are more expensive. I always try to keep my purses affordable, by recycling fabric or hand dyeing laces and velvets, But these just take a lot of time. Especially when I have to hand sew on rhinestones and pearls. I never use glue! But I do like the look of the shabby roses. If you love these let me know because I won't be making a ton. I just have so many other projects that need to get done.
And it's been really cool to meet so many of you at shows! People show up wearing purses I made a long time ago and it's like seeing an old friend.


Dee said...

I love them and of course I must need a couple. Tell me when you have them listed so I can go over to my favorite late night shopping trips.