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Wednesday, April 9, 2014


So for our 50 th Birthday we decided to meet up in my sisters neck of the woods. She's lived in Southeast Asia for the last 20 yrs. So was an excellent travel planner. We stayed in small islands off of Thailand that you could walk across in 20 min. I drove on the opposite side of the rode through Malaysia , ate the yummiest curries and dishes,swam in the warmest oceans. In Singapore saw saw so many different cultures and religions coexist in a beautiful way. It was an amazing trip. I did get to bring back some fun trims , purses and textiles. I've listed a few in the shop. These Bags from the Banjara clothing is so rich and beautiful. I have fabrics made with beaded embroidery bits from Sari's i can't wait to make purses out off. Traveling is so inspiring. so grateful that I could have this opportunity.