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Friday, November 28, 2008

Three boutiques this week

We have three shows this week!!! And new things are coming in everyday!!! I'll show you the new Christmas skirts next week. Everything is so rich and full of colors and textures. We are just making a few of each so if you see anything on the blog, let me know before it goes to a show or it just might be gone.

Dec 2-3 Traveling Trunk show 1971 E. Yalecrest (1000 S.)

The next is Art Market 4-6 in the Sugarhouse Garden Center.

And also another Dec5-6 in Farmington, Piper&Chloe boutique , I'll post the address soon.

They all have super creative vendors and fabulous homemade things. Try and make at least one of them!! You'll be glad you did!


jeni said...

Beautiful new purses! I can't wait to see your holiday skirts.

Tanner Family Blog said...

GORGEOUS!! You and the purses!

I love the one with the three yellow flowers and the last with the pink bird. - love the shape of that one!

I'm excited to see the new skirts. I will for sure want to order one of those!
I was at Macy's today and the woman on the escalator behind me said how much she LOVED my purse - (it's the pink velvet one)- she asked where I got it - and of course I told her all about you - and she said she would check out your site!! She was super excited to get one before Christmas!