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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

perfect day for fall photos

New fall skirts coming your way!!
Who do you think she looks like in this picture???

I like the sun in this, I know I should of found my back light setting... but i still like this one.

Risa and Thor, our Just be... mascot

He really just wanted to go for a walk. This skirt has flowers appliqued on the front.

More to come....


kristy kaye said...

In love, in love, in love with all of those skirts!!!

jeni said...

I LOVE those photos and skirts! Will you email them to me? Risa is gorgeous and our just be mascot is doing a great job. Way to go Thor!

Anonymous said...

Hey Suzi-
I am Stephanie's sister, Marasol. You just did a boutique at her house and I was wondering if you have any more of the yellow skirts that your daughter is wearing. I want one. ALso my neice, Stephanie's daughter just got an orange purse with a big flower on it and you had one left I was wondering if you still have it because I do want it. You can either email me back at thank you!