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Monday, October 20, 2008

green green tomatos green

Sooooo if you had the early snowstorm that killed all your tomato plants, Here's an easy recipe for Green tomato salsa.

Chop all the tomatos, onions, green peppers, garlic and your favorite chiles ( keep seeds if you want it hotter) . Put it all into a big sauce pan. Boil it down for about an hour. More if you like it less chunky. Put in salt, your favorite vinegar ( I like rice wine), a tiny bit of sugar . Stir it for a while, taste it add what ever it needs more of. Then seal.

We made about 30 something jars. My kids have already been through 2 jars!!

How cool is it that I move to Hyrum and my next door neighbor is from Southern Cal too??


Melissa said...

I adore the idea of making something and canning it for winter store! It just feels so cozy to me. One day I will do this ~ it's on my list of dreams.

~Autumn Sunshine~

jeni said...

Yummy. Great photos!

Danielle said...

yum! there are so many of us so calites in utah!