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Monday, December 8, 2008

Oh so fancy purses

These fancier nightout purses were going to be done for all these shows, but time just didn't happen. But never fear I have 3 more shows this week. With a lot of new things that just got done....

These soft fleece poncho's are going to be ready too! I think I'm going to make mine in black and trim it in fake fur.... mmmmm nice and warm and comfy!

Check events for new shows this week!!

O.k. I just found out about Blogfrog, it's an easier way to keep track of and find friends on the interenet. I like it better than facebook, because I blog more. You can link to me! It's so easy!! Take a look on the side bar.


jeni said...

Can't wait to receive my order!

Wenderful in Colorado said...


Long time no visit and see. I will add you to blogfrog, it will be a fun way to catch up on the kids. It is fun to see the photos of how much the girls have grown but I have yet to see the boys. We are in Colorado now. I thought of you often in Alaska, especially when we saw blueberries.

Feel free to visit our blog, and catch up with us. Christmas cards are in the mail soon.