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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas card photo

O.k. Trying to get the Christmas card photo done. Yes I know it's Dec 21st! But we had to wait till Asia got home from collage...... And do 4 birthday"s and our 20th Anniversary ( yea!!) So they will be mailed out tomorrow. We haven't tried a group shot since Asia was 10 I think. Most moms know how tiring it is to get everyone dressed, fighting everyone with their hair.... the boys hate gel. ....Piper pulled out her ribbons. Trying to convince Piper to take off the thrift store dancing dress and put on her Christmas dress, that i stayed up to sew so she could wear it to church. But she wore this one instead, reassuring me it was Christmassy because it's green .And I had put the turkey in the oven about 15min before this was taken. Company was going to arrive in about 1/2 hour and I still had potatoes to get in the oven..... And that is the story of my life.


jeni said...

LOVE the photos! I want to give Thor a big kiss . . . he's so cute!

Merry Christmas to the BATES . . . you guys rock!

Suzi, I need the skirt you are wearing. Email me.

Wenderful in Colorado said...

Oh, I loved the photos! My how your kids have all changed....except for your college girl, she looks a lot the same and so beautiful. I can't believe hwo big Zeron tall. And my little preschool buddy, Theo, Wow, he is so tall too.

I love your busy story....that is why we have gone to single photos and make a collage. Your card is already in the mail.

Thanks for posting, did you do that for me?

Tanner Family Blog said...

Look at this smokin hot family!!! Can I be a member? Can I join?
And Suz - I can't believe you guys have been married for 20 years - yeah right you look 16!!! What's your secret? Maybe there really is something to eating tofurkey!

I LOVE all the clothes, but especially Asia's skirt -- where did you get that so I can get me one!!! You all look FABULOUS! And it made me miss you guys!!! We have got to come visit ASAP!


Jessica said...

Darling pictures! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

abethebabedickson said...

The cutest family ever! I sure miss you guys and the good ole' days in Farmington! Merry Christmas!

Mindy Relyea said...

Oh, I love this sequence! What a fun
fam you are...I miss you all!

...dinner, dress making, entertaining, you do it all...and you do it all SO well!

Love you!