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Thursday, December 16, 2010

A time for sharing

Yup that's my parents! My dad turns 80 this year! And he still swims the pier swim in Oceanside . Usually beating a lot of the 50 year olds. He competes in the senior games every year too! My mom calls me and talks about how she did a triathlon today, road her bike to the golf course, played 18 holes of golf then swam her mile with dad. Seriously when they come here it's hard to keep up. They are so full of love and energy! I've learned how to play hard from my parents but I've also learned how to share. Growing up with eight brothers and sisters and 5 different foster kids throughout our lives there was no other option. There are so many times when someone just needed something more than we did, so my parents would put toys, clothes and food together and drop it off. Our home was always open to anyone who needed help. I remember being little and having a whole family sharing our dinner at the table because while they were vacationing in calif, there little boy had gotten hit by a car, they didn't know anyone, but my Dad was a bishop and his name was listed in the phone book. So my mom brought all the kids to our house so the parents could stay at the hospital. I don't ever remember feeling put out, just so happy we could help.
There are so many opportunities around us to just do little things everyday.This is a little personal, but I thought I'd share just an easy way to spread love. I run just about everday, and as I'm out on my run I just send little prayers of thanks ,or love or ask for help for my neighbors as I pass their houses. Kids waiting for the bus that don't look very happy, I'll send a little prayer their way , that they'll have a good day. I feel that there is so much energy behind prayer. Recently my wonderful friend Mindy took her family on thanksgiving to serve the homeless in Salt Lake, she asked if we had any extra coats, because they always have need of them. Well I asked my neighbors if they had any extras and with in 4 days I had 7 big bags full of wonderful warm coats.Dave calls it a coat and a prayer. Because along with the coats that were given, we now send a prayer out for the little girl who's wearing Pipers purple coat that she will feel peace, or the lady who might be wearing my black coat that she will feel love that day. It has just helped us to just feel a little more connected to whom ever we are sharing with.
I hope we can just find simple things to do everyday, that just spreads love, kindness and smiles.I also want to just say a huge thank you to all of you that have supported my little company!! It's so wonderful to hear that somehow what I make, makes you smile. There is a lot of passion going into what I do. And I have a ton of gratitude to our great Creator to be able to do it!
Have a wonderful Christmas to all of you!
Love sent your way!!
To Life!


Cindy at LottieBird said...

Inspiring. I will remember the little prayers. They do make a difference.

I think the reason handcrafted goods are enjoying a resurgence is because of the energy that goes into them. Hopefully mine are the positive energy, and not the sometimes frustration about not getting a design to work the way it did in my mind! (come to think of it, though, sometimes a prayer gets said because of that frustration!)

generation peace said...

One of the many reasons I love you!! Thanks for the reminder to be wonderful!!! We'll miss you this Christmas. Big Kiss!!