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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ann's art!!

Oooooh look what I just just bought!! I collect Nativity's , I have way to many now to even take out of the boxes. But I always put up my favorite ones, the one Dave brought me back from Africa, the wire one one he made when we were first married, my all silver one, the really tall goth ones my mom brought back, the one from the holy land, one from the Catholic store, my tiny tiny one where baby Jesus is as big as a piece of rice. Most of mine were gifts from wonderful friends! Now I added some of Ann Gardner's prints to it. Ann is such a fun Artist with a wide range of style, I like her folk art a lot. She even does really cool family portraits that just add such personal detail, like your house in the background or the necklace your wearing. Her shop is if that doesn't get you there google ann Gardner art salt lake city utah.
Almost done mailing the last of my orders out!!!! Yea!!! I can get to bed before 2 am tonight! ( hopefully)