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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Jade and the song birds

sonya by Just be... featuring sonya by

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When Time Flys!!!
When Time Flys!!!
That is my little niece Jade, who lives in Singapore.This is at a songbird competition.They bring the birds all together and the winner will get $60.00. I have no idea how you would judge something like that. But it would be lovely to sit in the park and just listen.
The other collages are ideas for soldered pendents or key chains.


Jeni said...

That is the most fabulous photo ever! I am going to have to use that one too. Just be and songbirds. Now what could be sweeter than that? . . . nothing

Jeni said...

Love everything I got from you yesterday. It was wonderful seeing you. I will need more real soon too. Thanks!

generation peace said...

What a great pic of Jade!!! I want to fill my yard with cages of songbirds(maybe i'll just have to settle for baby chicks). Crazy for the sonya pendants. I'll take two in blonde. HAHAHAHHA