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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Big purses

Making some extra large purses. Perfect for the weekend or for a diaper bag. Also I'm starting to put 2 pockets inside. If you're like me I like one that will just fit my cell phone and chapstick.
Today was a fabulously windy day. I love the wind, when we lived in Alaska the wind would blow so hard our kids would get knocked down. I took Thor for a walk and he loved it just about as much!!
Also I love catching up with vendors at shows. This weekend was a great show. So many unique artist here in Utah.


Jeni said...

Can I please get the second purse included in my order? Love it!

Love the third photo too. Fabulous backdrop.

Can't wait to get everything!

Angela Rae said...

Your purses are BEAUTIFUL! I'm very excited to get mine!