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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Church members in Haiti

so many buildings were destroyed during the Earthquake in Haiti. So when a team of medical and return missionaries from Haiti, returned they didn't know what they would find as far as the church buildings were concerned. But this chapel was intact. Sunday meetings went on as usual. They said the lessons taught and the strength and faith of the members were amazing. Many of the members homes have been destroyed , so at night they sleep in the court yard of the church. It is so incredible to me how life just goes on. The human spirit is so resilient. My prayers go out to All the volunteers and people of Haiti.That they will have the strength to go on. That they will find peace and comfort somehow everyday.That hope will fill that country.


Jessica said...

those are great pictures!
do you know someone that went there to help?

Just be...... said...

My dad sent me an email from one of his friends that knew the group that went down to help. So many stories they shared.