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Monday, September 22, 2008


Just loooove this!!! It's all out of feathers!!!
Alexander McQueen ( fall 2008 rtw)

We've been working on woman's "It's My Birthday " skirts.

A fantabulous skirt you you can wear all day long, anywhere you want because, darn it, it's the day you were born!!!! And that should always be celebrated!!!!

Here are a few inspirations!!! Jeni of course is an amazing dancer, so she's all about tulle and chiffon.

Then of course there is always embroidered satin and lace....

Wonderful ideas from Blumarine

These are going to be so much fun!!!!


jeni said...

Gorgeous photos. I am anxious to receive your designs . . . soooo excited to wear a birthday skirt!

Anonymous said...

i can't wait to have one of these!!!

the rutledge's- said...

Hey Suzi- I have been meaning to get on your blog and tell you thanks so much for all of those fabric scraps. You really have no idea how stoked I was to see that bag sitting at the post office. I have already made an adorable apron (I will have to take a photo and show you sometime). Anyway thanks again!


Tanner Family Blog said...

I love the whole idea of a "birthday skirt!"
I love your pictures - the feathers and ruffles are cool!
So, when I order my birthday skirt, can you make it so it makes me look 15 lbs lighter????
work your magic!