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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Asia's first marathon

Asia ran her first marathon on saturday!!! She is amazing. I don't know many 18yr olds that would put in the training that you need to do just to finish one of these. But she wanted to do something big after graduating from High school .

I loved training with her, mostly because we had time to talk and talk. And especially because she would be off to college the next year and I would be missing having her around.

We ran the Top Of Utah Marathon, it was perfect weather and a great course. I totally recommend this one. And Asia got in the top 20 for her age group!!!

This is us at mile 14... beautiful scenery all the way!!!!

thanks for being such a great example to me Asia!!!!


Glitzy Glass said...

Hey crazy woman, that is so aws that you have the mental capacity to do that! Wow!

Tanner Family Blog said...

I am soooooooooo proud of Asia!!!! I love this picture of you guys running together!
Lets all do a triathalon next year with JLO!
Or....Dave can drive me along next to you in the side car and I can hand you guys water!
we miss you!!!!!!!

Julia said...

Dear Suzie,

My name is Julia Olsen. I am Jen Walker's sister and I just want to thank you for the influence you've had on my baby sister. She speaks the world of you. I hope to meet you someday. Also, she tells me that you are going to donate to the Festival of Trees and Lights to help benefit Down Syndrome. Thank you so much! What a great thing you are doing. Whenever I hear my daughter say new words and accomplish new tasks, I am grateful for generous people whose donations help her in many ways. Thanks again!

If you would like tax forms and/ or a receit, please let me know the retail value of your donation and where to send the forms.

Best Wishes,

Julia Olsen

jeni said...

Asia . . . you rock! Great job and thank you for inspiring me. I'm surprised Suzi will let me work with her despite my lack of running abilitites. I figure she runs enough for the both of us.

Anonymous said...

nice job on the run! i wish i was a runner like that. so the bott sisters are having another open house at jeni's november 11th. we went to the boutique in apline yesterday where i fell in love with a skirt. it's a line, a little longer, has two black velvet ribbons down the front and back. i need that skirt in a large! i also want a black wrist cuff with the diamonds like one jeni had recently. i missed it and someone else got it. anyway. email me or hold me those items! thanks! i love just be. you are AMAZING!!!

Glitzy Glass Stars said...
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Bella Blogger said...

You two ROCK. Congratulation and nice job. I'm heading to St. George Wednesday to run the St. George marathon. Hoping and praying for cold weather!
Shabby Creations

NoLessThanJess said...

Woo hoo! Go Asia! I miss you Suzi- come visit soon. Yes we have more than 4 wedding pictures, but we haven't gotten any from our photographer yet. When we get them in the next few weeks I will be sure to post them.