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Friday, January 13, 2012

Some fun new things

I went to LA yesterday for a fabric shopping day. That place is just so inspiring! The fabrics are so amazing. I got up around 5am to catch my flight and it was 4 degrees here in Utah!!! By lunch time in LA it was about 78 , so nice to just sit outside and raise my face to the sun and feel the heat! I have soooooo many new ideas for spring! Usually I get about 1/3 completed. I stalked up on trims, laces, velvets, appliques and ribbons. I got this whole bag of misc appliques of different shapes and colors, have no idea what to do with it, but I know I'll have fun figuring it out. Just thought I'd share some random pics from the last month. If you want more up to date info and pics, I post on facebook everyday, just click on the link over there to the right. I wish I would of had time to go for a run, it would of been so nice to wear shorts and run along the beach. But today I'm back to fleece tights , layers,gloves, and a hat and I'll probably take Thor for a run around our frozen lake. Have a great weekend!!Hug someone!