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Monday, November 21, 2011

Sneak peak of the wedding prep

So my oldest daughter is getting married. And we've been working on her dress, which changed daily the first couple of weeks.It turned out so pretty and so much of her personality shines through.Tulle and chiffon flowers around the bottom, jeweled belt made with jewels from her Grandmaothers and aunts. Her dad is in charge of turning our gym into a reception hall, and we had all these metal chairs,well they decided that gold would look really cool, so in the last day he has spray painted about 80 chairs gold!!! I never realized how expensive gold paint was!! Two more days until the big day!!! So this is one of my reasons I might be slow on getting to my emails or posting new things in my shop. And of course our laundry room flooding and having to buy new appliances!


Everyday Sparkles said...

Gorgeous!!! Love those golden chairs. What a brilliant idea!!!