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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

One of THOSE Wednesdays

Oh this is nuts ! I'm going back and forth between three computers to try and find where I uploaded my pictures. " My" computer has a huge virus on it, so I went over to the kids one to get some pictures done, but then Riza had to finish a paper and that ones connected to the printer, so I went over to Daves.... so I'm hopping from one computer to the next trying to upload and edit pictures. Ugh kinda making me a little crazy!! I'm getting a new computer!!! Hopefully today, but today is one of THOSE days,.. Visiting teaching, soccer games, I have no idea what I'm doing for achievement days, Helping Zerin fill out his mission papers ( yea) , need to bring diner to our neighbor, who poor thing broke her ankle, then off to a Relief Society meeting, then meeting up with a paranormal group that wants to go through our house/church after that. And right now I'm answering emails on one computer, editing pics on another and posting things for sale on the third!! It's just one of those Wednesdays! I'll let you know if they find any nice angels here, I'm sure we have a few watching out for us! Off to make some tea while my pics are loading . Breathe!