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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Madeleine L Amour

I want to share more about Jeni's store in Centerville, it is so unique, pretty , pink ,sparkly,shiny and lovely. A little girl summed it up just right, while looking in the window she said " Mom this is where Fairies live." When you walk in Jeni and her mom greet you with just warm inviting smiles. They are just as excited about your purchases as you are! Wrapping them up with tissue and bows. They have decorated so cute, there are little treasures to be found all over the store.So take your time soaking it all in.
They are in Parish Square and there hours are Tuesday- Sat 11:00-6pm . Take the time to stop by soon!


Jeni said...

You are the sweetest! It wouldn't be the same without just be. We LOVE our just be.