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Friday, June 4, 2010

Vintage rose

Loooove this new vintage weekender. I just listed it in my shop. One of a kind, just beautiful hand dyed vintage cut velvet, the velvet appliqued rose is just so plush. I dyed the venician lace in the corner as well. This would be an excellent diaper bag or perfect for that weekend get away, especially if it involves trains.
I also added a medium size vintage rose gypsy bag.A great size for everyday.
The skirt is also for sale, perfect to dress up or down. But I only have a women's size 5 left. The boots I got off of Ebay for under $30.00!!! But I'm not selling those, but I'll tell you where I got them, they sell more.
I have a show in Bountiful next Thursday. Will post info on Monday.
Have a fabulous weekend, remember look for miracles in the everyday!!


Jeni said...

Must have weekender!

When can you meet?

Please say tomorrow.

I love it!