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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


So I have a couple of Valentines shows coming up, where I'll have some coats and cardigans. I have a few done but I'm working on some more. these are some of my inspirations. The last few pics are from a Russian style site. I've been trying to find their designers home page ,but nothing really comes up.My favorite one is Adzhedo. Let me know if you've heard of him.
Oh the shows will be the first week in Febuary. I'll post details soon.


Jeni said...

I love seeing your inspiration boards. And I'm so excited to get my order. I keep checking my front porch.

generation peace said...

Such lusciousness!!! Yummmmmm!!! I love all these coats!! Just design coats, amazing ones, you can do it!! (I found one fun tapestry sleevless long coat at Ya Ya's.) big Kiss to you!!