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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Just some random pics. Designing a new homepage on my website. I want to really promote my motto " There is beauty in individuality Just Be... and you fill in the dots! i think it all stems from having a twin sister and having to dress alike a lot. As we got older we got smarter, more clothes if we each got different stuff. My mom hated to sew so she had us take sewing lessons when we were really young. I got good at altering,hemming and repairing clothes when I was about 12 and was making prom dresses, swim suits and tailoring my dads clothes by the time I was 15. I remember thriftstore shopping in High school and coming home with these big bags of clothes. We would shorten, alter or add , to make totally one of a kind pieces. I wish I had kept some of them now, very grunge street cool 80's stuff. I started selling altered and my own designed clothes at swap meets in San Diego when I was 16. It was cool to see people wearing pieces that I had made around.
This new year i want to get back into designing really unique pieces that just have have elements to them. Looking forward to 2010!!


aBohemianMarket said...

Happy "Just Be..." and a Marvelous New Year!!!
What a fun and delightful blog and website you have.
I happened upon you on this 1st day of 2010.
Take care

Jeni said...

I love just be! And need to get stocked for Valentine's Day. I'll email my order. Happy New Year. Somethings in the mail to you.

carol said...

when is your next show? or how do I order?

sarah said...

love the foto of you and the sweet piper. i'm excited for my justbe pillows!!!! happy new year!