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Thursday, February 12, 2009

next photoshoot

Print found at etsy, by couragemylove. She has beautiful work!! The next one is by vivaphotography, excellent prices.

These are all ideas for the next photoshoot. Calling any photographers that would like to do a trade for Just be.... product please contact me by email. I love the feel of all these pictures. So excited for spring!!!! These last photos were styled by the popular Denise Grunstein.


jeni said...

I LOVE all the photos. Kind of makes me want a flower tatoo.

Can't wait to see your new designs. I'll be waiting.

Vicki said...

Suzi, I love my slip! I think I just might need a few more. (Black and maybe some bright colored ones too) I have worn mine twice since Saturday night. I need to get some money to you soon though so I don’t feel so guilty lovin it! Let me know where to send the money for it. Thanks a ton for everything. Hope you had a great Valentine Day!
I ocul not get my emial to work so I hope this is o.k.

Vicki Mangum 801-644-9046

Vicki said...

By the way these pic are great! Great ideas!